Conditions of Use

By utilizing seeing substance present on the site or buying topics, extensions, themes, or any service, you are agreeing to conform to and be bound with the terms expressed in these Terms Of Use. On the off chance that you can't help denying any piece of these terms and conditions.


 1. Protected innovation  

The substance of the site is ensured by copyright law and trademark law. Any action that abuses terms of this Agreement damages copyright law and will be indicted by the present law. You are not permitted to utilize any piece of the code in entire or part in some other programming or item or site. You are not permitted to give, sell, disperse, rent, or loan any part of the Software or Documentation to anybody. 

 Trademarks that show up on this site are secured by law and you can't utilize them in any capacity without the express composed authorization of the trademark proprietor. 


 2. Information Privacy  

Seven Spikes Ltd. guarantees the secrecy of individual information of its clients, by proclaiming that they won't be utilized for other than its proposed purposes, specifically: setting up contact with the client so as to indicate insights concerning the buy and the methods of its installment. Individual information gave by the client, is utilized by workers of the organization to give a receipt for the bought format, expansion, or administration. The email of the client is utilized uniquely for correspondence purposes. 


 3. Buy Agreement  

Start of exchange relations between the client and Seven Spikes Ltd. is viewed as the snapshot of squeezing the submit button in the wake of finishing the necessary individual or organization information required so as to finish a request for a format, an augmentation or a help, whether or not the layout, expansion or administration is free or paid. 


 4. Beginning an Order  

Execution of the agreement for a format or an augmentation begins in getting to know it by a representative. Execution of the agreement for assistance or help begins the day indicated in the agreement marked by the invested individuals. This different agreement is arraigned by Seven Spikes Ltd. also, sent to the client for an endorsement. At the point when the invested individuals concede to the provisions of the agreement, it is marked and thought about dynamic. 


 5. Change or Cancellation of Contract  

Since our nopCommerce subjects and expansions are non-unmistakable merchandise we don't give discounts after the item is shipped\downloaded. If it's not too much trouble to ensure, before purchasing an item, that you have perused cautiously the depiction, particulars, and all other data distributed on the item page of the item, which you plan to purchase and that you have painstakingly tried the demo of the item. 

 If you don't mind, note that in spite of our non-refundable strategy we despite everything, keep a receptive outlook to singular cases and will cautiously analyze each individual case for a discount. In this way, on the off chance that you truly accept that you have valid justifications to be discounted for your buy please send an email to our business group and they will give a valiant effort to determine your case. 


 6. Framework and Network Security  

The site is viewed as a framework on the Internet. Infringement of framework or system security are precluded, and may bring about lawbreaker and common obligation. Models incorporate, however are not constrained to the accompanying: Unauthorized access, use, test, or sweep of a framework security or verification measures, information, or traffic. Impedance with the administration to any client, host, or system including, without restriction, mail besieging, flooding, purposeful endeavors to over-burden a framework and communicate assaults, producing of any TCP-IP bundle header or any piece of the header data in an email or a newsgroup posting. 


 7. Abuse of System Resources  

It is an infringement for anybody to present data or to remember programs for the webspace given through the site which expends unreasonable transmission capacity, CPU time, or extra room. 


 8. Online Conduct  

Nobody is permitted to post on the site unlawful or abusive data about an individual or legitimate element without their assent, deliberately incurring passionate trouble, or damaging trademarks, copyrights, or other protected innovation rights. The group can't screen all data posted on the web a specific point in time. So please let us know whether you notice any data as portrayed above posted on the site.